Laser Eye SurgeryLaser eye surgery is a special procedure where a laser is used to rectify a defect in the eye. People who are nearsighted, farsighted or suffer for astigmatism can opt for this procedure. Here is a brief overview of laser eye surgery for anyone who is looking for more info on the procedure.

The most common type of procedure is known as LASIK. To put it simply, the LASIK procedure involves creating a thin flap in the cornea of the eye using a femtosecond laser. After the flap has been created, the surgeon folds it back and uses an excimer laser to remove some of the corneal tissue underneath. After this has been done, the flap is then replaced.

Many clinics around the globe offer to perform this procedure which usually takes just a few minutes. This has made it popular with people who are interested in medical tourism. Clinics that measure up to international standards can be found in countries such as Thailand, Barbados and Jamaica and are great places to unwind afterwards.

The procedure varies slightly depending on what it is being used to rectify. Nearsighted patients undergo the procedure because their cornea is too steep and needs to be flattened. The opposite is true of farsighted people who require a steeper cornea.

The same procedure can also be used to smooth irregular corneas so that they have a more regular shape. This is ideal for people who have astigmatism. People who have been suffering from eye complaints for many years can rectify them with a LASIK procedure in around five minutes allowing them to see clearly.

However it is important to take time and do some research before opting for a LASIK procedure. First, it is important to choose a good LASIK surgeon. The treatment is not suitable for everyone, and a good surgeon will consult the patient and make sure they qualify for surgery.