Watercolor is a term for a method of artistic painting where water soluble paint is used. The great thing about this type of art is that the artist is able to create a wide range of different effects according to the amount of water they use and the way they apply it. Read on to find out more about watercolor paints and how to use them.

Watercolor PaintsThis type of art has been developed in a large number of countries around the world, including the UK, China, Japan, Ethiopia and India. Although the painting is usually done on paper, other mediums such as fabric, bark, leather and canvas can also be used. One of the great things about using watercolor paints is that they are incredibly adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways.

The history of water color painting goes all the way back to the Paleolithic age. Cave paintings have been discovered in Europe that used watercolor paint to create images. This early form of art mainly depicted hunting scenes as well as other images of everyday life.

The Egyptians also used this type of paint for manuscript illumination. Many of the images on these manuscripts have managed to stand the test of time. In fact, they can be seen even to this day in museums all around the world.

In Europe, art was once a hobby that was associated with the upper and middle classes. It was only the wealthy people who were able to afford the time and materials to devote time to develop their skills. Many people practiced art as a show of their status, creating portraits of other affluent individuals for all to see.

Things have come a lot way since then. Today, art is available to everyone, no matter what their background. Art classes that use water color paints and other materials are even taught in many schools across the world.