internet-companySo what is Internet? In its simplest form, Internet is a global system that is a complex system of interconnected networks of computers, that uses the Internet Protocol or IP addresses to allow users to access the same from any part of the world.

Another term that is used interchangeably in place of the Internet is World Wide Web (www) or simply the web. Behind the Internet and the number of websites that can be accessed using this state of the art technology is powering a series of hardware and software that supports the entire system.

There is a network of “network of computers” that is connected together. A lot of hardware is used to build and sustain these computers. It possesses the Internet Protocol – IP addresses that are used to access these websites or website URLs. The websites themselves uses a number of technologies just to stay online and display a variety of information, data and content to the end user.

1990 was the decade when the Internet saw its first boom and since then has been constantly taking the world by surprise. This system has no centralized governance or an active government that controls every aspect of its existence. The Internet is free and open for everyone irrespective of their country, origin, race or color.

It offers a number of information based resources like peer to peer file sharing, ability to communicate via written, voice and video, and hypertext that is largely considered to be the primary way all websites are connected with one another.

The precursor to Internet was called ARPANET which laid the foundation of the modern day Internet. It was a packet switching network that used TCP/IP technology to enable transfer of information. Later, several new protocols for internet working were developed to help transfer data and build a larger and more complex network of computers.