classroomEver wonder when some of the advice you received growing up doesn’t really jive with things when you get older? Well, there are thousands of things that have been told to give children comforting thoughts or simply advances in knowledge that have proven to be myths but some of them are not as widely known as others. Here are some of the top myths that most people grow up thinking are as true as the day they were born.

Van Gogh never cut off his ear and chameleons change color as a mating signal not to camouflage themselves. Coconuts are actually part of the seed family or that penguins only chose one mate in life. These are all myths that have been either been taught in school or simply through stories told by elders. Some people still believe that brain cells are unable to regenerate, but the truth is that they will and often other cells will transform in order to replace dead brain cells.

Psychological facts are some of the more popular tips and tricks that people share but under the surface, there is truly no truth to them at all. Catharsis is described as the act of displacing an emotion elsewhere, getting it out, in order to move forward. It can be recognized by most as punching a wall instead of someone you’re angry with or screaming into a pillow instead of a coworker.

This is something that many people would say is a positive coping mechanism but in reality the act of catharsis just breeds more of the same negative behaviors. The individual hoping to lessen their physical aggression by displacing it is actually just increasing the likelihood that the aggression will reoccur and increase in severity. This is a myth that many people would swear by even today.

If you look deeper into the things you question there may be truth to how you’re feeling. Age is a large factor in the uncovering of myths, and the only problem is that most people hope everything they believe is the truth.